Hello World

For the last 7 years or so, I have been working on my cooking skills and challenging myself to make great tasting food with the intent of those meals to be lower in calories and also healthier than the original.

This blog is going to be my journal on the meals I have tried from restaurants (because I travel for work and try new cuisine when I am out),  on meals that I have tried making (the good, the bad and the ugly) and my exploration in cooking techniques and the use of cooking utensils (tools).

So here is my motivation to cook like this and also share my experiences with others. I am always trying to cook food that taste great, but is also good for you and brings new ideas and favors to the people at the table who haven't experienced them before. I love to dabble in meals from the orient like Thai, Chinese, Japanese and Indian. Indian flavors and meals are one of my favorite because they bring so much flavor to their foods. They really know how to leverage all of the spices they have in that part of the world and I like to add that to my everyday cooking. I have recently started trying to make low carb sushi rolls and later I am going to expand that and see what happens when Indian cuisine meets Japanese cuisine. Should be interesting and a great Trial and Meal.